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I could return the billfold across the street

Story Online: THE LOST BILLFOLD LED ME – by Dr. John Shackelford

Disruption or Divine Intervention? Thirteen year old Ginger left quickly at the end of our counseling session. An hour later I noticed her billfold between the cushions. The family lived out of town, and she would need her billfold. I was irritated at the inconvenience. Then I remembered her mother worked at the nursing home […]

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His Honor's Ruling Affected Many

Story Online: Betrayal in the Interest of the Child – by Janna Longfellow Hughes

A True Short Story of Heart-Break, Betrayal and Prevailing Against Evil ©Janna Hughes 2012 The dining room of our new house sat vacant. I looked out the bay window, feeling grateful my daughter and I would celebrate the holidays in our own home. I ached deep inside recalling a failed marriage, the family home we never […]

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