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How to Write an Obituary: Where?

WHERE TO WRITE THE OBITUARY How To Write an Obituary: Where? Today you can Write an Obituary almost anywhere. Helpful research such as a book on How to Write an Obituary can be searched on the internet and downloaded to your phone, pad or computer. Once you’ve done your research on the deceased, you could […]

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photo by Kirsty Hall

How To Write an Obituary: Who?

ABOUT WHO? How to Write an Obituary: Who? The obvious person to write an Obituary about is the departed loved one. But, what about a relative or a close friend who has developed an ultimately fatal illness? Or, consider the very elderly. For example, my uncle died recently at 103. All of these situations create […]

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How to Write an Obituary: When?

WHEN TO WRITE AN OBITUARY How to Write an Obituary: When? An obituary can be written at different times. First, is when a loved one dies suddenly. We are often called on in during those times. But what about when a relative or close friend suffers from a fatal illness? In this case you can […]

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Photo by Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon

How to Write an Obituary: What?

WHAT CAN AN OBITUARY DO? How to Write an Obituary: What? An Obituary makes a public announcement, a death announcement, which is a legal process. Beyond that it can be, and I think could be many things to family, friends, work associates, and to the general public. WHAT CAN AN OBITUARY BE? How to Write […]

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By Lawrence Jackson (White House (P050913LJ-0419)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Write Obituary: on Mother’s Day?

WRITE AN OBITUARY: ON MOTHER’S DAY? Why think to Write an Obituary on Mother’s Day? Sometimes, stuff happens. So, How to Write an Obituary: on Mother’s Day? Try evaluating your time and putting off the writing until tomorrow. Why not try to enjoy Mother’s Day as much as is possible with these circumstances? My brother, […]

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