Write Obituary: on Mother’s Day?

By Lawrence Jackson (White House (P050913LJ-0419)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Lawrence Jackson (White House (P050913LJ-0419)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Why think to Write an Obituary on Mother’s Day? Sometimes, stuff happens. So, How to Write an Obituary: on Mother’s Day? Try evaluating your time and putting off the writing until tomorrow. Why not try to enjoy Mother’s Day as much as is possible with these circumstances?

My brother, Michael Hughes, a purple-heart Marine was killed just before a holiday and we buried him after it. That holiday, I didn’t feel like celebrating, as the death was unexpected. The thing to remember at a time of observance is that somewhere, someone has just lost a loved one, a spouse, a parent or, God forbid, a child.

If that’s happened, that person may just make it through the celebration. And then move onto creating the Obituary the following day. They may have to Write an Obituary, but not on Mother’s Day.


Today, I’m posting six more messages on How To Write an Obituary, as my brother died just before a holiday and my book How To Write an Obituary WORKBOOK comes out tomorrow on Amazon.com, special offered for $0.99. To let you know, as a MAC user, I received a lot of help from Apple on this book. If you can purchase the book on 5/11/15, and you’d like to send some feedback, please do so. I’m looking forward to it. And, if you want to write our Dallas Writer’s Group meets the second and fourth Wednesday evenings. Check it out.

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