I’m an award-winning television Producer and Writer, and a thrilled mom because my daughter, Rachel Raya, is an award-winning writer, too.

The Dallas Morning News called me a “seasoned producer” for my story-telling abilities. I suppose that’s true. Developing stories fuels my passion. I like to share stories in the languages people understand and appreciate: in print, DVD, mp3, mp4, online, on television, film, and blogging. The remarkable stories of the resilient common man move me.

In media, video or television, I’ve told the stories of infamous people such as Catherine “Gypsy” Share, formerly of the Manson Family and everyday people who’d faced life-altering adversity such as Carla Posey, an Arlington High School teacher whose student, James Staley, shot himself in class. Each one of those projects relates to someone’s personal story, some tragic, some shocking, but all of value.

Telling true, good stories in media has taken me places I never expected to go. It’s wonderful to see where a person’s story takes her, too.


“Janna’s gifts are off the charts.

— Dr. Paul L. Cox, D.Min.

“You’re the best help I’ve ever had.”  — Peter Engel, Network TV Producer

The program she produced was literally a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Janna is the most talented producer I’ve ever met.” — Dr. Raymond Hoekstra, International Prison Ministy

My compliments. The program is outstanding in quality and content. It could not have come out any better. — Warden Vasquez, State of California, Department of Correction

As both producer and director of a children’s television series for our station, she gave us a quantity of quality television programming with diligence and rapidity. I strongly recommend this very talented professional.”

— Alex Blomerth, KCIK TV


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