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How to Write an Obituary: When?

WHEN TO WRITE AN OBITUARY How to Write an Obituary: When? An obituary can be written at different times. First, is when a loved one dies suddenly. We are often called on in during those times. But what about when a relative or close friend suffers from a fatal illness? In this case you can […]

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By Lawrence Jackson (White House (P050913LJ-0419)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Write Obituary: on Mother’s Day?

WRITE AN OBITUARY: ON MOTHER’S DAY? Why think to Write an Obituary on Mother’s Day? Sometimes, stuff happens. So, How to Write an Obituary: on Mother’s Day? Try evaluating your time and putting off the writing until tomorrow. Why not try to enjoy Mother’s Day as much as is possible with these circumstances? My brother, […]

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Nelson Mandela laughs with the children

Nelson Mandela: “There is Good and Evil. A good man must choose good.”

With the world, we grieve the news that Nelson Mandela dies in 2013, the man who upon emerging from a 27 year imprisonment, chose to forgive. He said: “They’ve had me for 27 years. If I don’t forgive, they’ll still have me.” His words spell absolute truth. If he had not forgiven his lengthy political imprisonment, […]

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6 Benefits from a Sip for Sjogren’s Benefit

One of the most unique and enjoyable medical fund-raisers is the Sip for Sjogren’s Fine Water Tasting & Silent Auction. What is Sjogren’s? Sjogren’s Syndrome is a non-communicable auto-immune disease that attacks the moisture glands of the body. “It is one of the most prevalent auto-immune disorders, striking as many as 4,000,000 Americans,” according to […]

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