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photo by Kirsty Hall

How To Write an Obituary: Who?

ABOUT WHO? How to Write an Obituary: Who? The obvious person to write an Obituary about is the departed loved one. But, what about a relative or a close friend who has developed an ultimately fatal illness? Or, consider the very elderly. For example, my uncle died recently at 103. All of these situations create […]

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By Lawrence Jackson (White House (P050913LJ-0419)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Write Obituary: on Mother’s Day?

WRITE AN OBITUARY: ON MOTHER’S DAY? Why think to Write an Obituary on Mother’s Day? Sometimes, stuff happens. So, How to Write an Obituary: on Mother’s Day? Try evaluating your time and putting off the writing until tomorrow. Why not try to enjoy Mother’s Day as much as is possible with these circumstances? My brother, […]

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Dallas Police Catch a Thief with Friends on Social Media


EVERYBODY’S WEBSURFING  82% of local consumers surf the web prior to making a  purchase decision a recent report claims.   The total number of persons involved in regular web surfing for consumerism or other reasons can stifle even the most vivid imagination.  Numbers like this suggest that only a comparative few aren’t looking. POLICE USE […]

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Nelson Mandela laughs with the children

Nelson Mandela: “There is Good and Evil. A good man must choose good.”

With the world, we grieve the news that Nelson Mandela dies in 2013, the man who upon emerging from a 27 year imprisonment, chose to forgive. He said: “They’ve had me for 27 years. If I don’t forgive, they’ll still have me.” His words spell absolute truth. If he had not forgiven his lengthy political imprisonment, […]

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Write with ScreenPlay Software

ScreenWriting Software FREE or Under $12 for MAC, PC, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Ten software selections for screenwriting free or cheap. Some basic, some pro. Here are buys that bring start up expenses to nothing. One or more of the under $12 choices may work well for professionals. Check out 10 options: SCRIPTS PRO for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch allows you to focus on your writing rather […]

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I could return the billfold across the street

Story Online: THE LOST BILLFOLD LED ME – by Dr. John Shackelford

Disruption or Divine Intervention? Thirteen year old Ginger left quickly at the end of our counseling session. An hour later I noticed her billfold between the cushions. The family lived out of town, and she would need her billfold. I was irritated at the inconvenience. Then I remembered her mother worked at the nursing home […]

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His Honor's Ruling Affected Many

Story Online: Betrayal in the Interest of the Child – by Janna Longfellow Hughes

A True Short Story of Heart-Break, Betrayal and Prevailing Against Evil ©Janna Hughes 2012 The dining room of our new house sat vacant. I looked out the bay window, feeling grateful my daughter and I would celebrate the holidays in our own home. I ached deep inside recalling a failed marriage, the family home we never […]

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How To Make a Video Best Tip

  THE NEW HOW TO SHOOT VIDEO BEST TIP Format changes in the video industry caused a new best tip to emerge for how to make a video. When video changed over to digital costs dropped like a bolder off a cliff. Everybody became director. Everybody became producer. Q & D (Quick & Dirty) may […]

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Reach Your Audience with 3 Free Resources

“May you Cross the Bridge to Your Audience.”   — Janna Longfellow Hughes  THREE FREE GIFTS . . . to help you reach your audience thru my blog and eBook. I’m an award-winning true story producer and a blogger. My blog and free eBook provides: My thoughts to help you Cross the  Bridge to Your […]

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Writer's Map, Find the Right Map for Reading

Read to Improve Writing Skills

“Begin at the beginning” − Lewis Carroll START READING TO FIND YOUR WAY TO GOOD WRITING People talk about great stories to read. Everyone has a personal great story of their own. But not everyone knows where to begin. Begin the journey of telling your good story by backing up: • Find square one   FIND YOUR […]

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