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Get Togethers – In Town & Out

We enjoy writers, speaking to each other and sharing our work, receiving critique which we may choose to use or not. If you’re out of town and desire to join the writer’s critique group, send and email with your info and intentions, so we can reach you back.

Great News

Great news: four books were completed in 2014 from our group, which are all published or in final publishing stages. Our status is OPEN, at least temporarily, which allows for potential new members to try the group and see if it’s a fit.

Dallas Writer’s Critique Group MEETS

The next meeting, in June, we’ll meet at 6:20 pm over the internet and work through it. If you’d like to work on your project and help others with your critique contact us by email from the Contact Page or send to info@JannaLongfellowHughes.com so we can set you up for the meeting.

Our next meeting is:

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Who should visit?

Who should visit? Writers or would-be-writers who are willing to put in time writing and critiquing. Could you finish a book or project this year? Check it out here for more information on how our group works utilizing the Lori Freeland Method, and what you can expect on a first time visit.

Who leads the Group?

Janna Longfellow Hughes leads the group. She’s written for the Richardson Daily News, the Garland Daily News, Train Depot Publishing Company, written on assignment for Victor Books of Scripture Press, written on assignment for various magazines, was Creator and Managing Editor of the Ho-Ho-Ho Hosanna Herald, has written television programs, media news, commercials, and owned a small niche publishing company Puppets Puppets, a Christian Booksellers exhibiting member, she blogs and maybe most importantly, she helps train some people whom God has called to write.

How does the Dallas Writer’s Group work?

We provide for individuals who seek:

  • Improved and on-going motivation through speaking to each other
  • A collaborative environment

We meet with writer’s or serious wannabes who apply themselves mechanically to writing goals by:

  • meeting in person and/or utilizing online options
  • helping each other by critical evaluation on paper
  • and speaking about works in progress

We do these three things with an eye to help each person develop his/her skill and to improve upon any work in progress. Each person who commits to the process, has at least one work in progress toward publication and is willing to focus some of their time to this effort. We meet at published times and connect in-between as needed.

We remain committed not to our just our own work, but to helping each other revise works and publish. It’s suited to persons who seek motivation and the collaborative environment of group commentary to refine their work.

We meet on scheduled dates over the internet, unless we’ve scheduled a personal meeting, and we begin at 6:20 pm.

Create Built in Deadlines

The discipline of meeting twice each month and bringing/sending new material creates built in deadlines which propels the project forward.

The discipline of reading and evaluating the work of other group members helps the reader improve proficiency which benefits others and their own work ultimately. At the risk of not avoiding a trait saying, it is the proverbial Win-Win.

 How-to Join the Group

If you’d like to see if the Dallas Writer’s Critique Group is a fit for you, you can bring up to 5 pages of your work, double spaced and printed in 12 pt text, or just come and watch and participate. If you let us know you’re coming, we’ll watch for you. We’re a small group, but dedicated. You can also email us ahead of time to be set up for online, as opposed to in person participation.

New writers and published writers, may contact through this site and pending an agreement of both parties to try it out, may be able to proceed. If an understanding is reached, here are some ways to approach a first visit:

  • Choose to attend and listen
  • or Get straight to work

If you’d like to arrive prepared for personal help on your project:

  1. Download Develop Your Story – Tool Box (free eBook)
  2. Read two chapters from Develop Your Story: “What Happens in a Typical (Story Group) Meeting? by Frank Ball and “What’s so Great About a Critique Group?” by Lori Freeland
  3. Bring 5 copies of up to 5 pages double-spaced of your work along, if you’d like critique

For more dates or more information CLICK HERE.

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